I need help with email sending

Hello everyone. I am busy making a app. It is very basic. All it have to do is take a picture and if I it sent sent it to a email address. The part where it take’s the picture work’s and it shows it in a image viewer. But when I sent it it does not sent the image but rather a link of the image. And when I use the app after I installed it on my phone it just send a error message. How can I fix that. Thanks.

Hello @boemerang.zah
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Could you please share more information on how you are sharing the image?
Which block are you using? Web API or share blocks?

I am using the email send block. So if I take a photo I show it in a image viewer and I save it as a variable. Then if I click sent it uses the email sent block to send the variable but it is then just a link.

Exceuse-me but I am Pro but is not working the downloading!!

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Thanks so much!

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I still cant seem to find a way to send a image to the email.

Hello @boemerang.zah and sorry for the late reply.
Unfortunately, the send email block is only for sending text and not images

The only workaround I can think of is to use the share image block

But you will need to save the image as base64 and not the URL.

You can find more instructions on how to get images as base64 here:
WEB API Firebase Storage It does not upload the file to the server - Questions about Thunkable / Web API’s - Community

When I tested it it worked only on android.