I need a consultant who has strong experience in the Game development on Low/Nocode plaftorms

I need a consultant with solid experience in the Game development sphere on Low/Nocode platforms.

I am inserting the file of what kind of game and you will able to understand the aim of this game.
In this game, there will be some fruits and plates. It is a kinda drag and drop of fruits, and vegetables to the right plate or place. The aim of this game is to categorize and sort them.

I need a consultant who can really help with the estimation of this project.
We will discuss the details of this work personally.

Please feel free to write me if you are able to help.
Feel free to share my post with your colleagues who may be suitable for this role.

You can DM me here or you can find me:
WhatsApp: +998 90 210 04 69
Linkedin : linkedin.com/in/utkirbek-kuchkarov
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @utkirbek_jafton

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