I love Thunkable classic and wish ThunkableX to be so well developed and progressing

Unfortunately, I have doubts and therefore the price of $ 200 / year for the ProVersion is too expensive. I still lack elementary possibilities and extensions such as an audio and video player with CurrentPosition and Duration, but also other. Until then, unfortunately, the 50% discount for me too much.

But I look forward to the development and hope that I can soon join as a pro member :wink:

Will you be able to import extensions into ThunkableX from external developers in the future, so that more extensions are available faster?

Best regards Bernie

Hi @Bernie,

Thanks for your feedback. We’re constantly adding new features to Thunkable X and 2019 is going to be even bigger and better.

The great thing is that you can still enjoy all the features of Thunkable X with your existing free membership. @Darren has done a great cost-benefit analysis in his video here:

At the moment, existing extensions aren’t compatible with Thunkable X but I’d be interested to hear which ones you want to use and what sort of app your are building at the moment.


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Hello @domhnallohanlon,

Tnaks for your answer. I’m choirmaster and I’m trying to create an app for my singers, so they can learn the melodie on the smart- or i-phone. For this I need a player such as the StreamingMP3Player or ExpoPlayer from @Kus_Zab with features like GetDuration and CurrentPosition. The coronation would be an additional video player with these features. :wink:
Regards Bernie