I can't run this App on my mobile device

Dear all,
I have spent so much time developing this App and it is working very well with the live testing. However, when I download it to my mobile and install it I get a message that there is no space in my mobile. I am sure there is more than enough space, I think the problem is in the App itself. Could you please have a look at this app and try to figure out what the problem is? Here you are a link to my App:


Thanks in advance,

I am also letgo facing issues sometimes but nothing major groupme like this. Hope this gets fixed.


In your project, I did not see anything strange, but many blocks are repeated, and a lot of nested blocks in LocalStorage blocks. Try to simplify them — use lists instead of separate variables and save lists in Local Storage. I can not guarantee that the project will work after that, but simple projects on Thunkable X work better as experience shows.