How to use timed loop

That’s not what I said.

then? I’m sorry i didn’t get you mam

I suggested having your app create a google Calendar item in your user’s calendar (not spreadsheet) - if your user has their calendar set for alerts, this will work even with the app closed.

However, this would require using the Google calendar API - not a beginner option.

Mam any code pics or video suggestions on how to set calendar items? I thought instead of all this we can like the app will share emails to the user. Can we use the share component for the same?

so basically if I have to summarize what I want then:
then I need to check the condition every day
if the date selected by the user using the date input component = current day
then send mail to the user

so basically app should send mail

please reply i have very less time to complete it

Please stop spamming. If someone can help you then they will.


im just asking for updates

You don’t need to continually ask for them. Just be patient please.


Thank you so much for your concern. I’ll be

It’s not my job to update you. I’m a member of the community, not a Thunkable employee (although they don’t deserve to be nagged either).

You started out asking about a checking conditions every second. That had an easy answer. Then you wanted to know how to notify the user when the app wasn’t open. I suggested a workaround, but it wasn’t really for beginners. Then you said you wanted to send emails to the user. Again, the app won’t send emails when not open, so you’d need a different tool.

I’d like to help you (not do your work for you), but at this point, I have no clue what you actually need. I have my own work to do, so I’ll be doing that. If you have a specific question, you will probably get some help if you show your thinking so far (including screenshots of blocks or a description of what you’ve already learned).


Done…waiting has now ended?..

so how do we connect our tunkable app with google calendar? what I thought of is we can send mails to users about the reminder or directly create a calendar item so there only they can set a reminder. ?

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so like how we get mails from a specific app like that… IS it even possible has anyone tried it in their apps?

Any app that i can live test?

Hi , calendar sends mails to attendees…

And i have used this in my app dva patri…

if you don’t mind can you allaborate on how can we send mails?

you mean with a click of a button?
I am not getting your point.
Pls be a bit clear.

If you want your app to create a calendar event, try this.
Create an event in Google calendar

You can use it from the web viewer or from open link. You will need to change the static text I typed with variables or text blocks from your app. No need to use any other app outside of Thunkable.


yes, sir that’s a good idea. Thank you :+1:

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