How to set a stored variable from a text input?

I’m not really sure how to explain this one with my lack of lingo, but on the post below, I can only see a stored variable being set when an event occurs that has a designated result (such as ‘value’, ‘result’ etc):

I’m hoping to be able to store a number that is typed into a box and display it permanently within the app until another number is put in. But this doesn’t come with a ‘result’ or ‘value’ to use and I’m not sure how to translate that into my need.


The image above is an attempt at explaining the process, but here’s a video which may shed more light on what I mean. Basically, when you see the ‘33’ pop up - essentially that’s what I need to stick around until it’s changed again. This doesn’t need to be stored in a database - I just need it to be there when the app is closed and reopened.

I think I understand the differences between the different variables now as some users explained them really well in one of my previous posts, but using them is a different story!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

You are storing the CARB_INPUT text for later use, correct? If so, I don’t see where the value is stored, it looks like the “updateRecentRatio” function is never called. Are there more blocks?

Hi @KaneoheKid, sorry about that - those are just remnants from things I had tried before!

OK, try looking at this project:

It stores your last saved variable and keeps it, then displays it when you start the app the next time (“Screen1 Opens” block). Is this what you are trying to do? I did the same thing with a map, just to show a slightly different use. Hope this helps.

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Hi @KaneoheKid, thank you for this! It’s populating the label field but it is resetting to the original number after the app is relogged into - how can I avoid this? I assumed the stored field would be constant until changed?

The problem is that you have two similarly named variables. When the submit_IC_button is clicked, you save the “CARB_INPUT Text” into the temporary variable named appCarbRecent. Therefore, each time you quit the app, that value evaporates. You need to change that block to “stored CarbRecent” which is a variable that persists.

You will still need to load the stored variable result when the screen starts, use the “When Home_Screen Opens” block as i demonstrated in the example.

Hi @KaneoheKid, thank you for this - I apologise this is taking me so long to grasp. I have now amended these elements but it still will not work - I feel as though the ‘when home screen opens’ bit may need to be done differently, can you let me know?