How to scroll a picture with finger in all directions?

Hi everybody,
I have a problem with scrolling image.
When a new screen opens, there are two things visible only: a button with “BACK” description redirecting to previous screen and a picture.
I want to move this picture with my finger in all directions.
It’s impossible for me by now or I don’t know a trick to do it possible.
Puting a picture inside of a column (placed inside another component - row) brings nothing positive.
I can move this picture only in top-down direction. I can’t see the left and right side of the picture.
Can anyone help me with it?

Hey @rajmundjanuszewskics
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If you want to drag the image in any direction then,
just put that image in a canvas’s sprite.
Then just turn on the sprite’s “Is Draggable” option

It will make you move your Image ( as a sprite) in any direction.

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Thanks, I will try to do it your way.

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