How to rotate a needle of a clock / gauge?

Hello, i would like to build an app with clock and gauges but i don’t know how to rotate a needle.
Can anyone share a project or give me an idea?

I tried with the canvas & sprite function but i am not able to rotate any PNG image


Hey! Check this out. There are surely ‘gauge’ charts that would fit your need and you’d use the same basic approach.

Ok thank you, but i would like to rotate a picture, because i have my own needles and gauges


This should work but doesn’t. I have no idea why. It uses a transparent circle (png) with a red line half way across it.

Sprite2 doesn’t turn at all.

(See the screen with your username.)

Needed to put a delay to seemingly allow the screen to fully initialize:


EDIT: Too many ‘seems’ :grinning:

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Personally think that the Canvas needs an Opens event and that’d be the one to key off

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Thank you catching that. A solution is to use the when Canvas loads block:

Here’s the updated working project: Thunkable


Didn’t see events for canvas when I looked. Must’ve missed them

EDIT: Have been using Classic more then DnD - have found them :slight_smile:

THX! It works and it is very easy to implement! Thankyou very much for the support


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