How to reduce many of the screen




Hi there,
After I tried to make it in my own application. It seems that’s I didn’t have your situation and I working great. Sorry for the delay reply. :slight_smile:


Could you please link it so I can view it?


Hi there,
I tried to change a way, as you can consider it.
Sample link :
Hope this useful.


that button is all rounded, I’d like it rounded only on the right side, as I showed you in the pictures


OK,I think think :slight_smile:


So, does it work for you or not?


Hi there,
Sorry for the delay, I have tried many many of the routes. It seems that I may not have a great idea for you to solve your issue.
Sorry for your inconvenience :disappointed:


It’s ok, thx for trying


I rather have a lot of screens when needed, than have just one screen.
My most used app has 17 screens.
The app is complex, so it is easier for me to maintain with code spread across many screens.
I’m pushing the limits of the system.