How to Put aia In Thunkable X

hello How to put aia in the new thunkable

Hi @tarek.jubaili.lsasai,

Aia files aren’t supported by Thunkable X, what sort of app are you trying to import?

We probably have a sample app for it already!


I need to use the .aia file, why I can upload it but I can’t use it?

AIA files aren’t supported by Thunkable X.

You have uploaded an .aia file to the ‘media files’ section of your app. This section is for video/audio/sound files to be used in your app.


Thank you for your answer!


So there is no way to import an aia file? I have tons that I would like to just import vs recreating. Do you have a guessing game app?

No there is not.

Hey @john.reedashnf welcome to the community. Yep - if you search the community you will find some examples.

Are any of these apps published in the Play Store? If so, can you share the links please?


Is it possible to enter a file aia in the pro version?

pro is same u cant import in them at all


I’m trying to generate a app file to send on gmail as i need to submit the app I made on thunkable for grading.

Is there a way to generate a aia file to send instead of apk file?

why not make try making it a zip file

Do you mean a .apk file @ong_shao_en_benjamin? You can learn how to do this here:

Google/Gmail won’t allow you to send “executable” files - try Google Drive instead maybe?

What course are you taking that requires this? Are you using Classic?


well i have q/a how u do it from drive .
pls tell for others instance too