How to play sound on Thunkable Videos while phone is in silent mode

How do I get sound to play from a video in the Thunkable app, even when the user has their phone on silent. Thank you for the help!

@tyler.rabenstinecms3 This would not be possible. The user has to their phone off silent for any sounds to play via a Thunkable app.

What is your use case for wanting to do this? Have you done any UX research with potential users to see if they would want a sound to play while their phone is on silent mode?

Thank you for the quick reply, this is what I thought. I am not sure for the case. I am building an app for a small company I work for, and that is what they requested. I believe they want it to be consistent with some other apps that play sound from certain media while silencing notifications in silent mode. Personally, I think it is best to have it work the way you mentioned.

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