How to Open Google Chrome Storage after Click Button

Hello Brothers and Sisters Here I am new with Thunkable
Today I tried to Build an App for one Click to Open Google Chrome Storage Form like image below.

I think i put wrong class name and package name

Hi @LearningAndroid,

Did you rename your activity starter to “Activity Starter 4 Chrome” or are you using an extension?

Absolutely I just guess this class name of “Activity Starter 4 Chrome” I didn’t know it correct.
How can i know the correct Package Name and Class name for “Activity Starter 4 Chrome” ?

How to find this package name and class name to Open Google Chrome Storage like the image below ?

Using the Activity Starter

package name

class name is

more when using ActivityStarter is Error Permission denied

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any solution ?

you might want to ask in the community of the distribution you are using…

Help sir , i need this