How to make the transition when you start a page?

I have an application in which, at start, a page with a choice of language appears (there are 3 buttons with three languages ​​when clicking on which it switches the user to another page with the translated buttons into the selected language), my task is such that after the first appearance of the choice of language this page is larger did not appear (I managed to do this), but upon entering the application, a page with languages ​​appears for 1 second and the selected language is loaded immediately automatically. How to remove this delay? (With one variable of the button “Stored Variable Button 2” it turned out with others not)

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Maybe you can put all elements from screen that selects language on a column/row, then set its visibility to FALSE …
Then check at the start of that screen if stored variable that keeps language is NULL or not…
If it is, visibility of that column/row will turn to TRUE, if not, just navigate to the next translated screen … :thinking:
Im using for selecting language one single stored variable that takes the value “en”, “ro”, “fr”, and so on, depending of what buton is selected…


Check this. It is a different way to tackle the same issue

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