How to make project bucket with Firebase - Urgent

In Thunkable X
I want to have two countries X and Y
and i want value tag “image” No.1 in country X to be different than the value tag “image” No.1 in country Y

i read about “Object” thing but i did not understand, would you help me ,please?


I’m sorry, but did not understand what you need to do. You need to create objects or you need to create nodes in Firebase? Can you show what data structure you need?

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i do not know what is objects and what is nodes :expressionless:

in my firebase, i want to have two countries
for each country there is tag called image
in first screen user will select the country, let’s say US
in US i want to have tag “image” number 1 in US to be different than tag “image” number 1 in Russia
i hope my explanation is clear

Do you need this data structure?


If this is the case, then to get the child element, the paths through /

US/Image or Rassia/Image


Do you Know how to create nodes or objects in firebase when you enter data in thunkable x app ?
If yes which tool will do so?