How to link Ximiliar app to Thukable

Let’s use a URL that we know it works.
Try this and use it to test your blocks in your app.

your screenshots imply that there are 2 services available: ready made recognition and customer recognition - which one are you trying to do? if it’s ready made, the categorization has been done for you (ie. it’s been trained), if custom, you have to categorize the photos yourself in a stand alone training run- have you done it?. it also looks like you are given a task number that you provide when you do your call. do you already have such a number?
the thunkable chunk you posted seems to be for request for reognition/classification,. i’m also unsure if it works now because the ximilar docs seem to require photos to be in base64 form but your thunkable example seems to show passing the file name returned from the media_upload directly to the web_api call without any base64 conversion. you should check again with ximilar if they still allow photos.

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Im trying to do the custom recognition that I made.
the video that I linked "image classification shows exactly what I want to do and when I input everything that he did mine does not work where his does.

Im pretty much doing essentially the same thing he is doing but I have my own custom categories

what are you trying to formulate? the block for the webapi call? tell us what you want to create (block out the apikey)

Instead of the generate JSON from object..... enter the URL I gave you. This should give you a good start.

I just noticed that you have a wrong Body structure

You are using the example URL from the documentation. Instead of the example URL use the one I gave you and then no need to add generate JSON from object....

One last thing:
Have you setup the Media DB correctly?

here’s the curl statement for a classify run for one photo:
curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -H “authorization: Token API_TOKEN -d
‘{“task_id”: “0a8c8186-aee8-47c8-9eaf-348103xa214d”, “records”: [ {"_url": “” } ] }’

here’s what i think the web api blocks should look like (NOTE: FOR TWO PHOTOS)

i believe the contents of _url should be the actual url you type in browser to see the image (in this example, you see shortened* type of urls)

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You need to remove the text block world from the URL part.

Use the URL I gave you instead of this

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oops - hello world,goodbye world!

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You need to add the task ID for the task set that was classified. You need to add it to the Body section.

it’s there - it’s the first parameter

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Sorry, I oversaw it.

ok I have this copied but when you get down to the _url is that to a single image? I think that is what …bit… means? I have over 20 photos in that particular category. and then below all of that I need a place where the output would go so I need to set the label to something?

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If you have only one image then use only one block that has _url and remove the second one and adjust the list block for a single record.

You still need a Post block to send the information to the server and use the output of the Post block to show the results as part of the green response block.

i made a mistake, you should change the call to v2/classifiy (instead of v2/detect) if you want to classify picture/s.

each _url refers to the url of each photo you want to classify (it does’nt point to one you’ve already pre-classified in the training), also you can include several photos at a time (for starters try 1 or 2 first).
when the call returns, you have to handle the response -


this is how to handle one item request

this is how you save multiple requests (the output goes to a list)

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So I did this I do not get an error message this time but nothing happens with my label.

I press the upload photo from files and it opens my photo library which works.
I press the take photo and goes to my camera and that works
when I press describe…nothing?

Sorry I ran out of times I could reply to everyone yesterday since im still “new”.

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The _url should be the URL of the photo you took or selected, instead you are using a URL that points to one of your categories.

See this note from @manyone

I told you for the test, select a photo available in a public server and get the URL of the photo to use in your API call. When you succeed, the next step is to implement choosing from the gallery or taking a photo from the camera.

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I get what you are saying but I don’t know what that should look like in blocks. im still new to this and not sure what 90% of everything means or does.

Try it again but change the method from Get to Post. (see call webapi block)

nothing happened when I changed that. I also just noticed each category where the photos are stored in each folder have their own specific id does that change anything?

overall which includes all

specific category= beach bum in this case