How to link lists with a variable create by a user?

Hi everyone,

In my project, I want to let people create a new theme ( fruit,country,name,whatever) then choose this theme to add answers to it.

But i stuck with something : how can i create new variables from the input of the user ( a new theme of theirs choice) to link them with lists (of answers) ?

Maybe I’m heading in the wrong direction with my idea, but I don’t know if it’s possible to produce the same result with datasource for example.

Thanks for your help.

Hi @thomas_v2frp :wave:

Welcome to the Community! Are you looking for something like this?


In a way yes !
Thanks domhnallohanlon.

In my case the number of items in the second lists will not be restricted but i don’t think i’ll be a problem.

Is there a way to see how the project is made ?

Ultimatly, i would like to search items in a certain list, i hope it’ll be doable with the design of the project you linked me

Hey @thomas_v2frp, here is a searchable dictionary app, with a list view. when you click on a list view, it displays related items

here is the source code. Remix it or study behavior analysis. or both!

here is alive version of the app

Sorry. I forgot to mention you need to include a search term like ‘antecedent’

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Thanks @jared for the dictionary app, it’ll be useful later to help me with the search side of my project.

But before i need to think how my data will be organize, and the project of @domhnallohanlon may be a good start to help me figure it out how.

If i could have a link to remix the app, it’ll be great !