How to Insert Event in Google Calendar

How to Insert Event in G Calendar ?

It is quite complicated according to their docs
Do you have any blocks code?
Has Anyone Every tried this?
@Darren @jared @jane @cttricks ?
Any Ideas

And Please do not give WEB Api Docs.

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I know you don’t want the API Documentation link but I’m posting this for other people who might read your question:

It’s going to require a POST call to the API. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do those from within Thunkable but haven’t succeeded. I can get them (not Google Calendar but other API POST calls) to work with the Postman application or a curl command in Terminal on a Mac.

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You can use Google Apps Script to created a webhook to create event in G Calendar.
Get Server/Webhook Codes from Github.

Note : You can do more with G-Calendar by using this webhook (View Docs).

Blocks Screen Shot

Click here to view sample Calendar project made on x.thunkalbe
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