How to import aia file in thunkable X?

how to upload aia file in thunkable x ?
plz reply me fast.

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No such feature to upload in TX

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I’v exported a file from thunkable X, and deleted that file from my site. But now I want to upload that same file in Thunkable X but didn’t find any option…

**If it’s possible, How I can do it?

I tried to upload in thunkable classic but even its not possible because new updated version.

** Is there any other way to solve ??
** Is there any other platform I can upload and work on it ?

Thanks in advance

in my thunkable account apps button for aia upload file not showing.
i want to upload aia file in thunkable but upload button apps not showing please help how to show that button??

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@fanibabu18, I’m guessing you’re looking at

Sir,plz help us.How to import my aia file in thunkable.Please sir,help me or us.

You cannot import aia files into Thunkable X.

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drted is right. Only classic supports aia, thunkable X is for both android and iphone/ipad, and no longer supports aia import.