How to get a value from this json

hey guys, i need a specific help with this json dATA

[{“id_freelancer”:“1”,“name”:“Samson”,“surmane”:“Bilethi Jean-Marcel",“whatssap_number”:"+22557088068",“mobile”:“1”,“web”:“0”,“design”:“1”,“picture”:“pic.jpg”,“mail”:"”,“about_me”:“Je suis developpeur d’application Android et Designer depuis 2016. J’ai a mon actif une dizaine de projets realises pour des entreprises et personnel.”,“skills”:“PHP, HTML-CSS, JAVA, Language Ai, Photoshop, Camtasia”,“balance”:“55”,“tarifs”:“10”}]

how can i use objectfromjson and get property of object , to get value of name. i saw all tutorials about that but nothing work,now i need a specific and direct help , plz.

Give this a try. As far as I understand it thats how it should work. If not, you might try using the google maps example for the objects in the documentation. Dont worry about the label or the function, I just use them so you can see what blocks I use.

Unfortunately, this example will not work :wink:

I wasnt sure if it would. It’s hit and miss with those silly blocks LOL

[ and ] - these symbols indicate that we have a object in list, but your blocks do not work with a list. :wink:

I find that by saving the json from a web api as a json file to my desktop, then uploading it to Firebase, you can find the path easily. I noticed that when working with the wordpress rest api, the data is clumped together. By uploading to Firebase just to view, you can find the path very easy. Just make a test project and try it out!


I forgot to mention, this doesn’t have to be a web api of course. Just upload the json file to Firebase and you are good to go!

I explained that if it was a list to follow the goolge maps example which shows how to get items from a list LOL.

the json in google map exemple is not the same structure.

google exemple json is like [ “elements”:{“name”:“blabla”,“surname”:hahaha"}]
this json is a list with ‘elements’ as name.

but mine is : [{“name”:“blabla”,“surname”:hahaha"}]

i tries all the way possible like in gmap exemple no one works.thats why i need a concret way to use this json without object name.

where is the picture ??

Here is your block


thank for your help. this was my first trie, but it doesnt work.

i finally found the solution 1hour ago.