How to get a random text to be pulled out of a data source, then displayed on the screen

In that case, I would assign a variable to the list of values in your challenges column of your data source.

Use that list to get and remove a random row. That way, the data source itself isn’t changed. Only the variable (list) is.

Like This?

No. You need to ignore the random item block. Because it just gets a value… it doesn’t change the data source or list and it also doesn’t let you know which item it chose.

Take a look at my screenshot and replace the number of rows block with the list of values block for your list. Replace the get property of object blocks with get list item # blocks.

And then remove the delete row block. Instead, use a get and remove list block.

Can you show me where the list of values block is please, I can’t find it.

You have them in your screenshot!

That block is in the Data Sources drawer.

Ok, Lol, sorry I am blind haha. I will try that :grinning:

Where Is the get list item block?

It’s a list block so it’s in the List drawer. See this:

I still can’t find it, can you send me a screenshot of what it looks like, sorry. Thunkable should at a feature where you can search for blocks lol.

Thanks, Levi

The screenshot is in the link I posted right above. Were you able to access that?

I had a look through the link you sent me but there were now pictures of the list item block.

This block:

Can be found here:

Cool, Thank you for that. Many Thanks, Levi :slight_smile:

Does this look correct, I feel like something is wrong with it. Thanks, Levi

I think I have done the “get and remove” list block wrong.

Would that be in the Data sources section or the list section?

Try this:

Ok Thanks, I will try that today,
Many Thanks, Levi

Does this look good.

I think every thing is correct, but can you just check that everything Is correct?

Many Thanks, Levi.

I just tested it and thunkable says "Something has gone wrong. Check your blocks and reset this page. "