How to edit data using Web API Put, Patch, Delete, etc

How do you edit data using the Web API? (Because the firebase components don’t offer that much of using it with operations like Create, Read, Update, Delete. All we get is Save (Create, Update) and Get (Read) for the firebase components (And you don’t get to use the cloud storage of firebase.))

Delete is basically overwriting the existing data and is accomplished by SAVING null values to the required key.

You can do all the crud with Firebase data using the cloud variables.

I’ve been poking at our team about the second point. Would our community benefit from having the Firebase login access token so a user can then also use Firebase storage/ functions/ firestore

At the moment we only have access via blocks to Firebase authentication and real time database.

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Not actually saving NULL values, but delete the property itself.

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When you save null to the parent key, all child keys are removed (deleted).


deleting the child keys and the value of the property without putting any null value, and making sure it can’t be restored just by changing the value.

Or do I have to code a function to edit without parsing from JSON (like not editing it the normal way?)

Can you give an example of this? A before and after example?

Have you tried @muneer’s suggestion for saving a null value to the parent key… and did that work for you?

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Nope. It didn’t work.

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Can you provide an example?
I know it always works.

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This is decent information but not enough to help. Can you show what you’ve tried?

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