How to download apk at Thunkable x

I have problem how to download apk file from thunkable x, can you help me? I’m new user on thunkable x, how to setting android version and ios version? thank you for your attention

Hi there,
Download the app in your device :

The application version of Android and iOS.You can set it both to 1.0,then increase to 2.0…something like that.
The build number means the release of the app although I always forget about it.You can keep it to default number 1

Those number are for you to enter. The system tries to get the version name from your project, but you are free to put anything there.

The point is that these values are used by the distributing agencies (, apple app store) to identify if an installed app on a device is up to date. If the device sees that the version of the app is higher on the store than the one installed, it will then initiate automatic update.

The build number has to go up by one each time you officially publish. The version number can be expressed in major version-minor revision form if you prefer (like 3.02 for instance).

Okay… Thank you Guys for Helping Me… and God Bless you…

God is irrelevant in this context.