Error download apk file

I have a big problem for download apk file, yesterday and today error is:
“all the thunkable servers are currently busy”
“the android version name is invalid”
is it possible that for two day I don’t possible download?
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Have you numbered your version?

Hi, @luigi.braidopts7! :wave:

Try setting the version details like this -


Thanks! :blush:

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sorry, I’m new in Thunkable, if you refer a “version name” and “version code”, when in “version name are insert NaN” I don’t download; when I changed NaN in number 2, after 3 attempts the download is OK.
which are correct insert code in that positions?

the version code should count up by +1 every time you download. You should check before downloading if it says NaN.

it should always count up, and it should never display NaN