How to do a way to like the click again

Hi there,
I have been made the /help to show the message,but while the user type it again.It will not shown it again cause it already shown.
So I do it with the block like this.
However,while I type /help to shown the command,it show 2 times cause is the block brought.
How to fix that after the user type /help to shown it again with 1 time and can be repeat to type for the user?

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Set Button14 disable to TRUE when it gets clicked, and restore to enable (“disable = false”) after.

The button will still be there, but clicking it will have no effect as long as it remains disabled.

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Any blocks screenshot? Thanks :hugs::hugs:

Hi BlueWhaleYT,

You could nest your if blocks to achieve this effect.

When Button14 Click:
if (from Text_Input 7 get Text) = “/help”:
if (type help command mesg) is visible and (command list mesg) is visible, clone these components
else, set them to be visible

So you’re still using all of the same blocks, just in a different order. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I did it for the recess but it didn’t have solve my problem.It is clone more than one by clicking on the first time for still.