How to disable an object in an dataviewer list if a certain date is reached?

Hi all,

I have a small doubt, how do I disable an object in a dataviewer list if a certain date is achieved
(I want to add some if conditions as well) and how do I move the disabled object to another screen?

Can someone pls give me a solution?

For Example: If the user enters the date “12.5.2021” and if my if condition is not fulfilled disable it
(and move it to another screen) and show a message…

For more information, I’ll give a screenshot of my code…and my screen…

Actually, the date is entered in another screen using a date input.
If you need any more screenshots or details to answer my question, pls feel free to ask me…

Thx in advance and pls give me an solution asap.

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Your issue is not described clearly and the code presented does not reflect any thing close to what you are trying to do.

You are asking the user to enter/pick a date in screenX then you go to screenY which has a DVL (Data Viewer List) and you want to “gray out” the entry that matches the date entered/selected.

Is this correct?

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I’m really sorry for the inconvenience, I really didn’t know how to express my idea properly.

@muneer Yes, you are correct, exactly what I want to do. Do you know how to do it? If yes, please give me a hand…I’m new to thunkable and need help, I’m having a hard time figuring it out…Any help will really be appreciated. (If it is a screenshot of the solved code, it will be good…) Cause I need to submit this project by 17th April,12 pm.

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Check this and see if it is what you try to implement

Ok, thank you very much. I’ll try doing this.

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