How to delete space above Top Tab Navigator

I try to made my app with Top Tab Navigator, but i see some space above it. The question is, how to delete the space or maybe to fill it with logo or where the setting to edit that space?
This is what shown in my app:


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That’s impossible to do it temporary :slight_smile:

I’ve solved this by setting the screen allignment from center to top and then the first item with a top offset of -20.

I’ve tried it but the space still there. any other solution? Thanks btw…

Set the property of the navigator “ShowIcon” to false.

Even if disabled the “ShowIcon” that’s still have a top of space. That’s not related I thought :slight_smile:

make sure you explicitly set the margin and padding to 0 for the top padding/spacing to disappear properly on android. it seems to ignore the grey, default 0’s that it starts with in those boxes. just one of the many bugs/nuances of thunkable that you have to workaround…


still have an issue

This worked for me (on android, haven’t checked on iPhone)
Yes it’s very sad cause I would never thought something so explicit would be the actual cause of it

@Mikas_3D is this on Android?

Have you changed any of the Status Bar properties?