How to continue the game after user quit it?

Hello everyone,

I am new in Thunkable, and I am wondering which combination of blocks I have to use to make it possible for user to continue the game after quit it? For instance, if the user reaches 10th level and then quit the game and close the app, and then again open the app to continue from the 10th level, without starting from scratch
(from 1st level).


You can use Stored variables, these are stored on the users device and our not destroyed between sessions, simply create one called “currentLevel” and then set that whenever a user completes a level, you could then have a script that checks this and does something appropriately.

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Thank you @ianphaas , your comment helps me to be closer to the solution but I am still not sure how to do all of that.

I set it that when the user exits the level and go to some other screen or minimize the app, can return to the level at which it stopped, but I have not yet set it when it completely exits the application.