Help with saving my app progres

I’m asking you how I what should i do in my app if i want to save app progress. I mean if someone started playing my game and passed some lvls I would like to add something that if he came back to app his progress will be saved and he wouldnt have to start game again. Thanks in advance

Would you tell us what is the game about, please? Provide more details so we can help and give you some tips and clues.

I just want to save few variables and I hacve another question. Do u know how to put a word upside down in thunkable x?

You should read the tutorials and documentation. Once you know how to use Thunkable try it for yourself. If you are stuck then show us what you have done and we might be able to help.

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create a local Database.
Set the first variable of level to “0”
for each time player pass increase 1 by 1
everyime player enters the game at homepage check the level
use if condition.
if level is 5 go to page 5… for example.

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