How to connect thunkable with a HTML file edited into Github

I want to send and receive message from Thunkable sending post message and receiving message to a HTML file edited in Github

My HTML file in Github is located :slight_smile:

I want that thunkable react with this Github HTML file with the help of a URL call but URL call must be a call to the executable HTML file

There I have some problem because I have try severall :hhtps:// call and no one is working
etc …

I think to be abble to do it , I must reserve a domain is that correct ?
Can some one give me a drive in this matter ?

Thankx in advance

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You need to do it this way

You need to setup one of your repositories as a web then you can access it from anywhere in the web.

Muneer I have follow your instruction I have get a domain ( your https://muneerralshaikh … I have not be abble to see it )
I have reserved a domain : workplanapp via
I receive : via Workplanapp a nice side

It’s nice to have , but it’s not yet what we want
Then I go to github and make the following repository and transfer to this repository my readme and the html file thst I want to run

And when I do the at main · ealalin/ · GitHub

I still have the edition of this HTML but I want this HTML running and talking with Thunkable .
I still miss some thing

Thankx for your support

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You need to make one of the repositories as a public folder by clicking the setting button and follow the instructions

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Here is an example using both a packaged and hosted solution

This video provide instruction for setting up a github pages. You can also google “how to host an html page on github”

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