How to compare with store variables

Hello, i am talking about a quiz app. In my app i have used only store variable. there are several types of quiz (quiz 1, quiz 2, such…). Only quiz 1 is initially enabled ( others are disabled) , for each correct answer my stored variable increases vale by 1. And if someone get 25 then quiz 2 will be enabled. so far this is working fine but the problem is when i am entering quiz 1 again it is erasing my previous stored value and quiz 2 being disabled if the score is under 25.

Now what i need to compare previous value with current value and keep the highest value between them. Any solution?


Search the forum, this sort of thing has been answered many times.

You need to store the score in non volatile memory.

Like so:


i.e. you specify “stored” instead of “app”.

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