How to code the list viewer

Hi! I am making this Survey/form app and I need it to work so that if the user takes the “Patient symptom form,” the form name, date, and time will automatically show on the “Filled forms” listviewer. Here is what I got so far: I got the name, date, and time of the form to show on the list viewer when taken but here is the problem, I have a sign-in page connected to my firebase in my app so I don’t know how to code it to where different users will have thier own forms filled out on the “Filled Forms” list viewer. Following is a screen shots of my code (Please look at the long block of code on the left.)

Thanks so much! Feel free to ask me for the app link if you think you can help:)

Hi there,

You need to store each user’s data using a unique key.

You could use the user’s email address as a unique key, but you can also use the userID value that is given when a user signs in to the app:

You can save this value as a variable in your app when the user signs in. You can then use it when you are saving data to Firebase.

The key can be [app variable userID] / Filled Patient Symptom Form / [stored variable Password], instead of your current key Filled Patient Symptom Form / [stored variable Password].

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