How to change domain name in thunkable

i need if you can help me, i’m trying to make an iframe, to emulate the website that thunkable generates, my idea with all this is to be able to change the domain name

now with the web that generates tunkable it stays like this

My idea is to be able to change the domain name, which is very important and this is the only way I know of to do it.
Is there any other alternative? :slightly_frowning_face:

Do you see an error message in your browser’s console?
Can you see this website when you test this app on a device?

You are attempting to host the page on your C: drive?

That could be an issue for you

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hello thanks for answering, if there is an error in the console there is a screenshot

what I’m doing is a iframe, I host the web locally to test, with youtube it works fine but with the web that thunkable gives you at the end of your project it doesn’t

here is the application in thunkable web version, it works perfectly

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with yotube the iframe works, but with thunkable not, locally I am testing it

It is an HTML project, what I am doing is putting the thunkable website inside another. I am testing it locally.
If I make an iframe with the youtube website it works perfectly, now with thunkable it does not work, at some point will it be possible to make an iframe with thunkable ?. Because I need to change the domain name
I do this in order to be able to change the domain name of the web

Do you mean you want to put your webapp in an iframe or use iframes within your thunkable app

You can use Drive to web

exact, I want to put my web application in an iframe

I don’t need a host, testing locally works but with thunkable not