How to autofill username and password WebView not my site?

Hi guys, i’m a new guy into thunkable forum.
I’m doing an app based on a webview site and it’s for iOs.

My users connect to a website, not managed by me but by others who sell me the codes to allow students to access their site, and enter their username and password to access the quizzes.

However, the WebView does not save the login and password data and therefore my users must re-type each time they close the app.

Considering that the site is not managed by me and that therefore I cannot change it, is there any way to save the login data via WebView like android with “autofill or samsung pass”?

Thanks in advance guys!

Hello @andrew93, :wave:

This sounds like a really interesting app, thanks for your question.

Is it your intention to publish this to the App Store?

Thank you.

I don’t know, for now it’s just a test, like an experiment. But why do you ask it?

Just because if you want to go down this route then your app will fall short of Apple’s minimum functionality requirements

I would advise reaching out the the website to see if they can provide you with API access so you can create a better app experience for your users via the WebAPI component