How to add label link to the image photos url link

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You’re going to have to explain more about what you are trying to do.

I am trying to do ocr app for carplate detection. I need to input a link on the picture so that the ocr can read the photos as seen in the picture highlighted in green. Firstly, I will take photo then it will appear above the “get text” button then I will upload photos to cloudinary and the link will be generated and appear on the textbox generated from cloudinary when I add the photo (2nd photo), I tried and I think only the photo must be uploaded in the cloud first then it can read the photo. I am wondering if the link provided in the photo can be place in the textbox that is circled in green with a click of a button as I am making an mobile app. Because the ocr only works when i can get the link on the one highlighted in green. I followed the setup from youtube and they used ocrspace for the ocr application.

I am doing an OCR app for carplate detection so the issues I am facing right now is that I have to input the link manually into the image component in thunkable for the ocr to read. Is there a way to input the link to the image component as seen in the picture below with a click of a button.

Nvm I solved it HAHA

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