How to make an OCR text recognition app for IOS?

I have to make an OCR text recognition app for a project. I have seen much of this done via the Thunkable Classic, but I need one for IOS platform. Is there a certain extension I need? Also, I have been using the Microsoft Image Recognizer, but I need to recognize certain text. How would I do that? Please Help…
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Surething. There is an OCR function with Cloudinary.

Now it is complicated in X, because you do not get the ORC response with the Cloudinary components.

You need to setup an additional Web component, and do a post for an update, to then retrieve the OCR text. However it can be done.

Another way is use Cloudinary to store your images, and then when it is done, send it to a Web1 component you setup for a service like…

It is very straightforward as well.

There is enough in the tutorials and in the community to get you going. You should have something working in half a day, if you are new.

Try this: Barcode Scanner - Round About Way using OCR

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What @jacob1 mentioned was an actual block version of the API I mentioned. Nice one @jacob1 . Now there is a block base for the aforementioned API.

Do you know of any good tutorial? I haven’t been able to find one. Also, could you maybe visit my other post and assist me on that the link is: