How to add content management

I know I have asked this question but I am very new to programing so I need more direction. I really need to make an app where there are login’s for the admin and then admin then can change the content of a page. I need to make a mini content management system for thunkable. I don’t have any knowledge at all!

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Hi @mknapp63o4
I think you have posted this in the wrong category can any TL3 user change the category,

You don’t programming at all for ThunkableX

Dear @mknapp63o4
You have posted your inquiry in the ClassicExtension category which is not used any more. Thunkable X does not use extensions.

I changed the category of your post to Thunkable Discuss.

As for your inquiry, this is a purely programming task. Please share what you have tried so far so others can help you with better ways of doing things or advices of what to do.

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Sir may I please know why does Thunkable does not support extensions?

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Thunkable X is designed to code and develop once and publish it to both App Store and Play Store and in addition to that as a Web App.

While Android is more relaxed with extensions, iOS is not and therefore Thunkable has to satisfy the strictest of all the 3 platforms and therefore will not allow extensions until a solution is found for Apple platforms.

Hope that answers your query.

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Thanks @muneer :slight_smile:

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