How to add bottom tab navigator from figma?

I tried to add a layout design from figma, But the bottom tab navigator didn’t work. How to do that? or how to customize the existing one from thunkable like this one? (See the attachment)

Are you using DnD or StP?

If you are using DnD here is a screenshot from the docs as to how you do it.


Then my above screenshot will work for Top/bottom/drawer navigators

Thank you, actually my question was any customizing the navigator like my attachment

So for that, i would probably use a group, and place your images and such in there.

That’s a great question

Well you can’t customize our navigators much, you can create your own custom NAV bar that you place on each screen. You can create a group and change its positioning to be relative to device. Place that group at the bottom of the screen, and now you have a nav bar that floats above other screen content.


Thanks, It’s clear

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