How to add a add to favorite button?

May I know how to add an “add to favorite” button?
I ma creating an app with air table data source and a data viewers grid for home remedy cures for simple diseases, and I want an add to favorite button, how to do it?

i am not getting what are you saying?

Thanks for asking, I meant that I have a bunch of items in the data viewers grid, so after my users like one item, they can add it to favorites, but I don’t know how to do that all “add to favorite” process.
Note: I am using airtable for data viewer’s grid data

make stored variable
when they select text
if stored variable = null
stored variable = empty list
in list stored variable insert at last(you can add where ever you want) as “selected text”

Didn’t understand, and can you please tell how to show on other screen also. It would be useful if you would share a screen shot.

somebody requested for a similar request i made an example for him i will give the same project to you

try this-

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Can you please do it with a a data viewers grid component?
Thanks a lot

Did you get it?