How to access data from firebase if saved under user ID tag and Time Tag

I want to pull values saved in my realtime database under a folder, then under a User ID tag, then under a time value, so I can use them as latitude, longitude for markers on a Map.
I don’t know the syntax.

This is what I’ve been trying. (I need to pull the values of latitude from every instance in which it has been saved, so I can’t just do / USER ID / Time [right??])

Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 6.40.01 PM

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I’m not sure I got what you mean but I suppose when the user logs in the app you will use the “USER ID” so the first text block just under “REPORT” will be something like “/Muneer”. If you get this from the database you should be able to show the result in a list viewer which should be a list of dates and times, when the user select any item in the list you will then construct your full key to the data you want.

Thanks for the quick response, I truly appreciate it. I’m not sure I understand though. Essentially I want to pull every latitude value in the real time database. However these values are stored under different User Ids, and different time variable values, so I don’t understand how to access them.