How I add new extension in this new release?

I guys , I’ll search , but not find it, I’ve sign in today in my first one in thunkable , and I need adding an extension , but I don’t have any extension menu in my palette component.
Anyone colud you say me if it possible yet add extension in this new release?
Many thanks

Your first time logging in? Are you sure you are using thunkable Classic and not a ThunkableX?

(Based on the response below, I moved this From Classic to X)

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Hi, @Dino_lap! :wave:
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Currently, Thunkable X ( doesn’t support add-ins / extensions, it might support in the coming future. We can still suggest you a work-around of the extension.

If you can tell us which extension you want to use, and why you want to use it, we could help you find a work-around.

Thanks! :blush:

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I Jared , thank’s for you reply , thunkable classic don’t accept any sign-in for new user , the only one is x.thunkable .

Hi Kartik14 , many thank’s for this news ,
I thought , that thankable was thankable , and not another x version. I need to use thelephony extension , for recover serial id , and Imei Number you know how I could make this?

Hi, @Dino_lap! :wave:
Thanks for the info. :+1:

If you could also give us a link to the extension’s topic, we could help you better.

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Hi Kartik14 here link .
thanks for u help

Hi, @Dino_lap! :wave:
Thanks for the link! :+1:

I see, (as it’s name says) it provides telephonic information of the user. Currently, this isn’t supported in Thunkable X, so we can’t ensure you a work-around.

If I may ask, how is it useful to you?

Thanks! :blush:

I would like to have “base64” (encoding and encoding) extension for Thunkable X

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