How does the web viewer pop up the window?

How does the web viewer pop up the window?

What do you mean?
In order to help you need to be more clear about What your question or problem is.


Like chrome, a new web window can pop up, and this window will be closed automatically after logging in.
Can be found in the case of not logged in.

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When you finish executing your function in the browser window then run the command window.close this will close the current window and control goes back to the previous screen/function.

The trick with this function is that the window should be opened by the same system handler.

No, is there any way to support thunkable?

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Iā€™m not sure I understand you. Can you explain more?

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I could not open your project. I get blank page.

I think I understand what you mean and I have a similar situation. My workaround is:

  • You need a timer component for the trick
  • Start the Web Viewer with empty URL. When you want the web page to show, assign the page URL to the Web Viewer URL
  • Enable the timer.
  • The timer should read the Web Viewer URL to see if there is a change.
  • In your web page make sure it goes to another page after entering all the details such as a profile page or a thank you page.
  • The timer should read the URL and when changed to the page you designed then timer stops and clear the Web Viewer URL which will hide the Web Viewer window.

See this block to get a better idea