How do you sort files by folder in Cloudinary?

I’m just starting out on an app I want to make. It’s basically a social media and Messaging app centered around video sharing Instead of text messaging. I am a deaf studies major and I’m trying to make an app with the deaf in mind.

My struggle is trying to figure out how to sort uploads by folder. For example one user uploads a video and it is put in there folder. So far I have a basic button that I have gotten to work with video upload, but can’t sort it by folder using my app. How do I do that?

You will need to use the Cloudinary API for that. It’s not built in to Thunkable.

This documentation includes info about setting a path/folder:

Thanks. I just don’t understand how to use the CURL and apply it, or Java, or whatever I need.

Riley Grigg

If you have a CURL command or url, post it here and someone can help you access it using Thunkable blocks.

Will do. Thanks!

Riley Grigg

Example CURL from documentation:

curl<CLOUD_NAME>/image/upload -X POST --data 'file=<FILE>&timestamp=<TIMESTAMP>&api_key=<API_KEY>&signature=<SIGNATURE>'

It looks like for my case I would use …/video/upload

This topic looks promising:

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