How do I use stack navigator and bottom navigation tab together?

This is the organization I have now. Whenever I download the app, it immediately freezes on the first screen and becomes unresponsive until it crashes.

I also have it like this but I’m not recieving this issue , there must be something on your code, just in case when you want to switch from any screen outside of the stack navigator in order to get for example to your profile screen you must re direct the user to the stack navigator screen not to the profile just in case…

Seems the most likely @jakepalanca - what blocks are you using on your sign in screen?

Sorry for late reply,

I had a block on my sign in screen that just opened the “answer” screen when it started (for development). I took that off and downloaded and it froze whenever I opened the “answer screen”

So it has to be the blocks, but what would make it crash?