How do I transfer player id to the server?

I wrote a code of this type and I want this code to transfer the player id to the server when opening the page

Ok, so did you have a question?

Yes, how do you do that?

Do you have a server at the blacked out url receiving the player ID?


The blocks you have look OK (assuming push notifications are all set up somewhere else) - you probably just need to call the webviewer reload after you change its URL. You said in your original post that you wanted all of this to happen when the screen loads, but you have it set up for a button click - you’ll want to find the “when screen1 loads” light orange event to replace the one you’re currently using.

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When screen1 Starts or Opens events. I wish Thunkable has a Loads event.

Thanks @muneer for that correction!

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And if there is such a task that performed some action after the user is authorized on the site (via the Web Viewer component), this action is possible as something to track and do to it action in blocks ?

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Yes - take a look at the post/receive functionality. See this thread for details, including a link to the javascript you’ll need on the server side:

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