How do I set up Stripe and Airtable?

i created the app
1)my question is what is the api key, BaseID, TableName that we going to place in the Spreadsheet using public key of the ‘airtable’ or
2)may i know what it the ‘charge id’ i need to input to my app
up till now after i click check out after i keying to my credit card detail it does not let me move on to next screen


Hi @jamesyang, welcome to the Thunkable Community! :wave:

In relation to your first question, those credentials can all be found in your own Airtable account.
We have a step-by-step guide in the docs or alternatively, @Jimmy has a great explanation in this video tutorial:

Similarly, in order to use the Stripe component, you will have to go through the set-up process to get these details too.

hi Domhnall i will try it out…
i was thinking to build the app to be more personalize

sure thing - what sort of personalisation did you have in mind?

to have a database of food/clothing that customer purchase before so able to guess most likely the style of that item the customer would like

I see. And is that what you are using Airtable for?

recommendation engines are probably one of the most complex types of apps you can build - is this your first Thunkable X app?