How do I put canvas in full screen?

hello does anyone know how to put canvas in full screen? I always have blanks around!

Hey @Fernando_Matos, can you share a screenshot please?

Also, what sizing are you using for your Canvas?

Hi @Fernando_Matos
I think I know what you’re talking about. Unfortunately right now in order to maintain the correct aspect ratio regardless of what device you are using, there is whitespace around the canvas.

Eventually we’ll allow you to set the color of that blank space (so it’s not white). Long term, we’ll let you remove the space and allow the canvas to fit whatever device it is on, but the game will be distorted since the aspect ratio won’t be maintained.


ok i wait until it works! Have any dates in mind?

hello is now avalible to change canvas to full screen? or i must wait?

At the moment you can set the height and width to fill container but the canvas component has a fixed aspect ratio, so probably won’t take up the full screen on your device.

Perhaps you could add some on-screen controls or something like a scoreboard in this empty space?