How do I create a User Login in Thunkable using Phone verification instead of Email?

In my market most people do not have emails. Firebase supports this way of verification. A similar question was asked in the #classicdiscuss in June 2019 however no one answered.

Can anyone please help with this?

I just to give some response in your post, some of my apps, supported firebase SMS , but i guess you can’t implement it in thunkable X builder… the firebase component blocks speak for itself

Thank you … yes I understand about FireBase … the Thunkable part is the issue :slight_smile:

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Apna app ksa bania my hepl me please

I’d be interested to know which market doesn’t have email addresses @williamb?

Unfortunately there’s no straightforward way to do SMS login with Thunkable X, but if you let me know what sort of app you’re building (and who you’re building it for!) then we can try and suggest some alternatives for you.


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Thank you … our target market is middle and lower middle class adult females in Indonesia … most of them do not have or use email … Whatsapp is the primary communication platform. Of course businesses in Indonesia use email but they are not our primary target market. Our business is about building healthy happy communities.

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