How do I connect to the Nexmo SMS verify service with the WebAPI?

I’m trying to make a GET request to nexmo’s SMS verify service, but I get this error:

“Invalid value for param: app_id. Facility not allowed”

If you want to private message me the URL I can test it out

This is the documentation:

or this

Thanks for that. However I cant help if I cant see the URL you are using.

The URL contains my api secret and I can’t share it with you, you can easily create an account for yourself and test it out

Well create yourself a second account with an API and send the URL.

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They request a phone number for verification purpose

Why don’t you contact Nexmo support and ask them about the error you’re getting?

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I did and they couldn’t help me since the service is working if i use the exact same link in the browser i receive the SMS to my phone, but it doesn’t work if i create a GET request from the app

Is this use of web api correct?

BTW: this is not secure method, right? Since if somebody decompiles my apk they can find the secret key, how can I do to make it secure?

@domhnallohanlon I just received an answer from he nexmo support that showed me that the request that my app sends to their service is this one:

api_key=ea8575cd&api_secret=-REDACTED-&number=-REDACTED-&brand=AcmeInc&app_id=47433b2b-e24a-47a4-9715-********** (I censored the rest of it)

but this last “&app_id=47433b2b-e24a-47a4-9715-*********” part is added by the app and therefore the nexmo API gives an error as it should not be there, it is not in the API request URL I wrote, so I should remove it, any idea, any help?


Remove the URL, and populate these fields in the Design window and try again.

Also set a label for the URL and post the URL just before the call to see where the extra info is being added.

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It was my fault,

I did change those values when I was trying to use the web api for the one signal notification and didn’t reset them.

So thank you @Cian_O_Sullivan, thank you @Avram, sorry @domhnallohanlon for bothering you too


And only now I notice that I still need firebase security for user data… I am trying to avoid email signing but I don’t know if and how I can use firebase SMS verification in thunkable, any help for firebase security/SMS verification?

@domhnallohanlon since this was an oversight of mine and not a thunkable problem, should i delete this thread?

Thanks for the update @maxb, I don’t think there’s any need to delete this, but I’d made a few small edits to make this topic more relevant to future readers.

The title has been changed to indicate that service you are trying to connect to and you first post has been edited to include the text of the error message so that anyone having issues with the WebAPI will be able to find this by searching. I’ve PMed you about one small update that would be great to have from you too.