How can we retrieve local db data to a table in a screen

I want to retrieve local DB data to a table in a screen.
anyone can explainm how to do it.

Hi @Rumesh

Would you be making your own table, for example using rows and columns?

can you tell us a little more about the type of app that you are trying to build?


Hi @domhnallohanlon & @Thunkable_Staff

I too wanted help on the same topic.
I am building an app which takes input values of Grocery items, purchase rate, total amounts and date of Transaction. These values are programmed to store in Local DB.

Now i want to create a reports screen where the manager can
i) view within the app itself, Grocery item wise sales qty and Amount for any period as required by him/her.
ii) Export the database into Excel Spreadsheets for further drill down on inventory and performance.

Can you help me on this?