How can make some event only once until uninstall

hi. i made a function working only one time until reboot or termination (like splash)

but, how can i make some event only once UNTIL UNINSTALL? (only happen again when reinstall)
(i think you can imagine ‘how it works’ feature at first time you launch an app)

if i use an APP variable to track my frequency to run the app, it won’t work. becuz it will lose the value if i turn of the app.
Or if i use STORED variable, it would be work for a while. but it won’t be last if i reboot the smartphone.

Do i need to use CLOUD variable or something? and how?

i might saw the solution in here community. but i can’t remember.


To solve your problem, use the Stored variable. If I understand everything correctly, it should work like this: first it has the value null and when you first start the app, you set it to a value. After that, you restart the app or phone and make a check when the app starts. if it is not null, then the app has already been launched for the first time.

Since stored is stored in the application folder, this variable must be deleted when the application is deleted.

What happens in your case?

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omg. its my mistake.
i just did in test mode. and i thought store variable doesn’t store the value forever.
But i restart or reboot and did same experiment.

Store Variable just works fine.

Thank you @actech

hi. one more question.
as i understand so far, if user update new verstion’s app in app store (or play store)
then stored variable is gonna initiate, right?
becuz updating an app is like delete and install new one?

or still remaining stored variable in application folder?

I’ve never tried it, so I don’t know the answer.